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Amazing Voice Actor Turned Podcast Host

I initially discovered this podcast due to Andrew’s previous voice work in video games such as “Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness”. I definitely wasn’t expecting him to be hosting a podcast show. I listened to a few of them, and was pleasantly surprised at how invested I was. I’m an artist, and I would often find myself listening to these podcasts while doing some of my drawings. His presentation and enthusiasm really keeps the listener engaged, not to mention some of the topics and guests he invites onto the show are interesting in an of themselves. I’ve actually learned quite a few things about Japanese culture and practices by listening to this podcast, so there’s definitely something to take away from this. I highly recommend giving it a listen!

Insightful questions and very interesting!

I’m really enjoying the podcasts: intriguing guests, deep dives into fascinating topics, and overall a lot of fun. Can’t wait to get more!

My new go-to podcast

Andrew, you are a great interviewer because you prepare, ask great questions, have interesting guests, and the perfect “voice for radio.” (As opposed to me, someone with a “face for radio”.). I look forward to your next podcast. ;)

Great job filling an underserved niche

I learned about the podcast through a post in a JET Program alumni productivity challenge I'm running during Covid. Here is the description that the JET wrote: "I'm a big fan already - def recommend! Fairly new as it launched January of this year. They literally sit in izakayas and do the podcasts in different places around Tokyo, though mostly around Daikonyama." That sold me. The sounds in the background give the show an "Anthony Bourdain" vibe. As someone interested in Japanese entrepreneurship and non-Japanese who have done exciting things in Japan, the podcast overflows with useful, interesting stories and information. Well done, Andrew!


Entertaining, insightful, and dynamic. I enjoy the Japan focus, but the reach is greater than that, reaching into business and improving one’s life. Excellent podcast!

Off to a good start

I was skeptical at first because the audio quality of a podcast is essential to me because I like to listen at 2x. That said, the background noise levels were subtle, and the conversation was great.