Now and Zen Japan

Now and Zen Japan

Conversations with Japan experts with a focus on business, culture, and arts. Entertaining and educational stories of success & failure and lessons learned. Discover first-hand what it’s like to live, work, and experience the most fascinating country in the world. Direct from Tokyo, this is the Now and Zen Podcast!

Recent Episodes

Evan Burkosky: Digital Transformation Evangelist

Jan. 9, 2022

This episode is an entertaining and simulating conversation with a forward-thinking, self-described "Evangelist" for for Digital Transformation in Japan, Mr. Evan Berkosky. Before you decide to tune-out because "Digital Tr…

Yukie Kito: Award Winning Film Producer

Dec. 23, 2021

This episode I have an entertaining conversation with an old friend of mine. Yukie Kito is an award winning movie producer with over 20 films to her credit. This is really an "insiders" episode where we talk about her life,…

Mats Lindstrom: Ducati Motorcycles President Japan

Dec. 10, 2021

It's time to get your motor running and head out to the highway. This episode I speak with the president of Ducati Japan Mr. Mats Lindstrom. You do not need to be a "bike guy" or a "gear-head" to enjoy this conversation wit…

Author Cross-Cultural

Karen Hill Anton: Author, The View from Breast Pocket Mountain

Nov. 23, 2021

This episode we are treated to a wonderful conversation with an amazing woman who continues to have a fascinating life. Karen Hill Anton discusses her memoir "The View from Breast Pocket Mountain". Published in late 2020 th…

Entrepreneur Hospitality

Mac Salman: Discovering the World of Japanese Adult Beverages and Customized Tours

Nov. 7, 2021

The phrase "Do what you love and you never have to work another day in your life" fits Mac Salman perfectly. Mac left the finance industry and pursued his passions - Travel, Japan, and tasty spirits. We discuss his customiz…

Cross-Cultural Entertainment

Meshida: Japanese Stand-Up Comedian

Oct. 24, 2021

Meshida is an ex-Japanese salaryman turned English language standup comedian. For the past eight years Meshida has been performing his style of comedy in both Japan and the UK. In addition he is a successful YouTuber, mostly…