Sept. 7, 2020

Dominic Carter: Japan Market Entry and Branding Expert

Dominic Carter: Japan Market Entry and Branding Expert
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This episode I sit down with Dominic Carter, an expert on Japan market entry, market research, and branding. Dominic shares great insight, knowledge, and current research results, for anyone working in Japan or looking to expand into Japan needs to hear.  Today you hear his 3 Golden Rules for Japan market entry success, the 4 Marco Trends shaping modern Japan, as well as numerous great quotes about how to succeed in the Japanese market. This is must listen to anyone doing business in Japan. Other topics we discuss: 

  • How the future of Japan will be better with a smaller working population
  • Doing sales in Japan is more of an art than a science and what is "aggressive positioning"
  • Why Dominic is overly generous in his offering of free, but valuable market entry content on his blog and social media
  • The best definition of "insight" you'll ever hear
  • Learn the "Four Macro Trends" shaping modern Japan and how they will affect marketing and the future of doing business in Japan
  • "Scarcity Value" and how this relates to the youth of Japan
  • Has the COVID pandemic caused "Internationalization" to go backwards in Japan?
  • Great marketing examples which exemplify the risk adverse nature of the Japan market
  • The Three Golden Rules to successful Japan market entry 
  • Keeping your "foreignness" vs. localization for international brands
  • Many great quotes from Dominic, lead me to start a "Now & Zen" quotes page

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