June 23, 2021

Alex Debs: Luxury Travel Designer

Alex Debs: Luxury Travel Designer
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Have you ever dreamed of an ultimate luxury vacation in Japan?  If so, then Alex Debs is your man. He is the founder of Hitotoki, the Luxury Travel Designer.  This episode you will hear all the intimate details of luxury travel planning in Japan including the most demanding request his team was tasked with.  We find out how he has been coping despite the restrictions imposed by the  pandemic, the struggles as a small & specialized agency and dealing with the large Japan travel associations, exclusive itinerary suggestions for a 2-3 day-trip out of Tokyo, why he launched a club for smaller travel suppliers, and how to book a seat at the world famous restaurant, Jiro Sushi.  A fascinating look into a world most  have never experienced.  Other topics we cover:

  • "Luxury Travel Designer" explained & "Luxury" defined
  • Secrets to selecting the best travel guides
  • How to deal with illegal requests
  • The pandemic business pivot 
  • Itinerary preferences differentiated by nationalities
  • Why many hotels are not prepared to accept foreign luxury guests
  • The "Go-To-Travel" fiasco stories and how Japan travel associations work, or don't
  • Okinawa has the best luxury market potential but not yet foreign market oriented
  • The business opportunity he saw which led to starting HITOTOKI 
  • The Free Unsolicited Business Idea   

HITOTOKI: https://hitotoki-travel.com/
Alex Debs: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-debs/
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