Nov. 23, 2021

Karen Hill Anton: Author, The View from Breast Pocket Mountain

Karen Hill Anton: Author, The View from Breast Pocket Mountain
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This episode we are treated to a wonderful conversation with an amazing woman who continues to have a fascinating life.  Karen Hill Anton discusses her memoir "The View from Breast Pocket Mountain". Published in late 2020 the book has received numerous literary awards and has a 5 start rating from Amazon. We talk about her motivation behind writing her 1st book, she offers solid advise for anyone contemplating a memoir,  dive into some of the back stories and highlights from her book, and the challenges not only she had to deal with but what every writer of a memoir faces.  The View from Breast Pocket Mountain is a unique and untold story and a treasure trove of experiences crossing boarders and cultures. If you ever wondered what your life would be like taking that road without a map, this is the book and the episode for you. Other topics we discuss:

  • Why everyone should write a memoir
  • What contributed to the books success, accolades, and awards 
  • The conundrum of "looking inwards" vs. writing for a broad audience
  • How the narrative of the memoir is split into worldwide adventures & rural life in Japan
  • The ironic Japanese meaning of "Breast Pocket" and Karen's actual life
  • The sense of community became a key learning from the 1  year dojyo experience
  • Why she quite writing her newspaper columns after 15 years
  • The ability to recall so many details of her early adventures and why this is so important for a memoir
  • Karen's favorite untranslatable Japanese word
  • Why the business / corporate experience side of her life was not included in the book

Karen Hill Anton:

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