Dec. 25, 2020

Timothy Langley: Renowned Japan Business and Political Advisor & Advocate

Timothy Langley: Renowned Japan Business and Political Advisor & Advocate
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An amazing and iconic Tokyo veteran - Timothy Langley.  With over 40 years experience in Japan, Timothy is the founder of Japan's premier government & public consultancy Langley Esquire.  Most unique about Timothy, he was the first foreigner to work in the Japan National Diet working alongside many senior Japanese politicians.  In addition he has served as top Legal & Gov't Affairs Specialist for Apple Computer (Japan), General Counsel to General Motors (Japan) and director of numerous companies from start-up to fortune 100. Although on hiatus he is also Host & Executive Producer of Japan's only Public Affairs-related audio/video series, Tokyo on Fire! When you think: "Fascinating people in Japan", Timothy Langley is indeed  the poster child.  Other topics we cover:

  • Great stories from serving as handler for Pres. George Bush during his Japan visit
  • Related stories about "clash of cultures" with the Secret Service
  • Why foreigners in Japan are often "Agents of Change"
  • His own incredible "Agent of Change" stories
  • How with all his accomplishments in Japan, his most important success story is still a work in progress
  • Spices up politics and explains how and why the LDP stays in power
  • Why Public Affairs is so import in Japan but yet an untapped market
  • Motivation for starting one of the first Japan YouTube video series - Tokyo on Fire! 
  • The "Free Unsolicited Business Idea" 
  • What is "Onomatopoeia" and why there are so many in Japan

Langley Esquire:
Tokyo On Fire! Tokyo on Fire! YouTube
More on the George Bush visit: My Memory Of George H.W. Bush
Timothy Langley: LinkedIn Profile

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