Oct. 24, 2021

Meshida: Japanese Stand-Up Comedian

Meshida: Japanese Stand-Up Comedian
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Meshida is an ex-Japanese salaryman turned English language standup comedian. For the past eight years Meshida has been performing his style of comedy in both Japan and the UK. In addition he is a successful YouTuber, mostly known for his comedic commentary on Japan's "pink" culture despite his many other "wholesome" cultural topics. We discuss why he decided to become a full-time standup comedian, the difference between Japanese and  Western humor,  stories from the stage, how much he earns from YouTube viral videos, where he gets his joke writing inspiration, and what his parents and Japanese audiences think about his career and content. Other topics we discuss: 

  • First open mic experience at 21
  • Why physical humor is popular in Japan
  • Turning his insecurities into self deprecating humor
  • His 1st successful joke which got a huge laugh
  • Is "Manzai" the Japanese equivalent of Western standup? 
  • Once losing his confidence for 6 months after bombing on stage
  • The one question he would ask his favorite comic
  • Why its difficult to monetize YouTube even with millions of views and 60k subscribers 
  • His YouTube strategy to gain more fans and followers
  • Meeting other international Japanese standup comedians
  • His current projects in Tokyo and his response to the pandemic 

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