Aug. 22, 2021

Frank Foley: Japan's "Next Big Thing"

Frank Foley: Japan's

Frank Foley is a charismatic 30-year Japan professional with a deep understanding of character licensing,  content marketing, and IP management. He was the country manager for Guinness World Records Japan where he successfully shifted the business model from wacky and crazy to a more Japan focused local strategy. Even participating in the record-setting worlds largest beef skewer event. Frank has represented IP entertainment brands from the Rolling Stones and Ariana Grande to children's educational brands including Thomas the Train. Frank is currently the owner of Next Big Thing which is actually the name of one of two TV shows he is pitching to Japanese networks. You will hear about both shows in this episode.
Other topics of discussion:

  • Corporate world record-setting success stories
  • "You Gotta Hear This" the untapped Japanese pop music opportunity
  • The benefits of Thomas the Train toilet paper
  • Differences between representing music artist IP brands  vs. fictional IP brands
  • Japan Initiatives to differentiate and localize for foreign brands
  • The length of Ishigaki's world record setting beef skewer
  • How one gets into the Guinness World Records
  • Culture as an USP - What keeps him optimistic about Japan's future
  • Why Japan is a good "testing ground" for foreign product innovation
  • The next big thing for Next Big Thing 

Frank Foley:

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