Oct. 6, 2021

Kaki Okumura: Japanese Principles to Live a Longer & Happier Life

Kaki Okumura: Japanese Principles to Live a Longer & Happier Life
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This conversation is one of the most amazing I've had since starting Now and Zen Japan. This episode could certainly change your life. Especially if you suffer from unhealthy lifestyle habits. Prepare to be blown away by Kaki Okumura's wisdom, demeanor, and insight into well-being and nutrition.  Kaki breaks down Japanese based wellness concepts through her "Four Essential Pillars to Healthy Living" in a very convincing and non-preachy way.  She is a writer, an illustrator, a wellness coach, and very well could be a therapist or nutrition teacher. In addition to her fascinating backstory  which includes her experience with food being a source of stress and anxiety and how healthy eating does not have to be a sacrifice,  we get into her business as a writer on Medium, starting her own business just after university, and the various revenue streams she has built for herself. Just start listening to the first 5 minutes and for sure you will be hooked and inspired by her simple and empathetic message. Other topics we discuss: 

  • Improving your overall well-being based on Japanese concepts
  • Being overweight OR underweight negatively effects mental health
  • Why eating healthy in the US is a challenge whereas its pretty simple in Japan
  • The power of balanced meals, moderation, and portion management
  • How retired sumo wrestlers lose weight
  • What Japanese can learn from the US about healthy living
  • Why ginger is included with so many Japanese meals
  • Food is closely linked to environment, experiences, and emotions
  • Is "organic" really healthier?
  • Variety, and why this is nutritionally important  
  • How much can one make writing for Medium?
  • The Free Unsolicited Business Idea
  • Kaki's two favorite untranslatable Japanese words

Kaki's Website: https://kakikata.space/

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