July 10, 2021

Andrew Hankinson: Leadership in Japan and stories from a 30-year Japan veteran

Andrew Hankinson: Leadership in Japan and stories from a 30-year Japan veteran
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This episode is #40, and the content is a little different  from the past 39 episodes in that today's guest is . . . myself.   It's actually a re-purposed podcast from Dr. Greg Story's "Japan's Top Business Interviews" podcast. I was a guest on his show in early 2021 and took that content and edited it to use for this Now and Zen's 40th episode.  The original podcast (thus this episode) we discussed my 30 year journey from department store buyer to  helping  everybody in love with culinary, achieve their ultimate kitchen lifestyle. We talk about leadership in Japan and my numerous experiences doing business in Japan, since the 1990's. Other topics of interest:

  • My three key aspects of leadership
  • The sales conference story where I proved to my staff they could default to the opportunity vs the risk
  • Why "engagement" is low in Japan
  • The family influence which got me interested in Japan
  • How I was able to study Japanese in university as a high school student
  • 3 pieces of advise for any new foreign leader coming to Japan
  • Delegation in Japan
  • Early days in Japan and struggles working at a large Japanese company
  • Gaining trust as a new leader in Japan

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