May 7, 2020

Andrew Silberman: Leadership Expert and Chief Enthusiast

Andrew Silberman: Leadership Expert and Chief Enthusiast
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This episode I share craft beers with Andrew Silberman, Chief Enthusiast of the Advanced Management Training Group and author of the book "Get a G.R.I.P." The Global Readiness Improvement Plan. With nearly 30 years of corporate training in Tokyo focused on coaching, leadership, and presentations, he is a very riveting guest. We share some super insightful topics and a lot of laughs. It's another podcast from the Ivy Placein Daikanyama and the best 40 minute investment you will make today. Other topics we dive into: 

  • The inspiration behind writing the book "Get a G.R.I.P" 
  • Discuss negative vs. positive reinforcement in Japanese business
  • Examine Daniel Pink's theory of motivation and how this applies to Japan
  • Why he chose Chief Enthusiast rather than CEO as his official title
  • Three ways to harness positive psychology from The HBR
  • Turn the tables on Andrew (the guest) with some sentence-completion tasks
  • Learn a new Japanese version of PDCA (try not to laugh)
  • The joys of saying and sharing the Japanese word Otsukaresama
  • How Japanese business is akin to a marathon
  • Takeaways readers of "Get a G.R.I.P." should expect
  • How corporate training has changed in 25+ years

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