Feb. 8, 2022

Cynthia Usui: From part-timer to Country Manager of LOF Hotels in less than a year

Cynthia Usui: From part-timer to Country Manager of LOF Hotels in less than a year
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Cynthia Usui becomes the 1st ever return guest to the podcast. Less than a year ago, Cynthia was surviving as a part-time supermarket cashier after losing her high profile job, and now, she is the Japan Country manager for a new chain of budget hotels in Tokyo! LOF Hotels. Once again  Cynthia has reinvented herself.  This episode you will hear this amazing story, why she initially turned down the hotel offer, how she's using her personal brand as a marketing tool, what is the business model of this brand new hotel chain, and how she is "paying it forward" by helping single mothers. We also discuss what she discovered about society, hardship, and why working as a part-time cashier gave her confidence . . . at 61 years of age. Other highlights from our conversation:

  • How she found herself unemployed in late 2020
  • The only 4 job categories available for 61 year olds in Japan
  • Working as a cashier was the hardest new job she ever had to start
  • Overcoming fear and lack of confidence
  • The two "conditions" she requested before accepting the job offer
  • How the LOF hotel keeps expenses low and unique marketing strategies
  • Challenges and success stories of hiring stay at home moms
  • Why becoming the Country Manager was important to her story
  • How she is "paying it forward" and why this is an obligation and responsibility 
  • Is being an author of three books profitable?
  • Favorite and least favorite untranslatable Japanese words

LOF Hotel Shinbashi: https://shimbashi.lof-hotel.com/
Cynthia Usui: Cynthia Usui LinkedIn

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