March 6, 2021

Dr. Greg Story: Japan Sales, Business, Presentations Master & Author

Dr. Greg Story: Japan Sales, Business, Presentations Master & Author
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Learn how to become a confident public speaker, a more effective presenter, and the formula for influential story-telling.  Dr. Greg Story is the president of Dale Carnegie Japan and the best-selling author of "Japan Sales Mastery" and "Japan Business Mastery". We discuss successful sales techniques and how the sales process will change post COVID and other topics from his books. We debate if his six different podcasts is "too much content", and Greg tells stories of true-life experiences which compliment his great business tips, insights, and advise. Being a 6th- degree black belt in Karate and 36 years in Japan, this episode is a really fascinating talk on how actions and choices effect ones life and career. Other topics we cover:

  • Why public speaking skills are so important to your career
  • Tips on how to relax before a public presentation
  • How to "bullet-proof" yourself against hostile audience questions
  • The 4 elements of a successful presentation - simplified by Greg
  • Why he decided to "niche-down" and have 6 podcasts instead of 1
  • His biggest "pet-peeve" when listening to other presenters
  • Discuss the contents and background of his two best-selling books
  • How Karate changed his life, his perspective, and his career
  • The meaning behind his favorite untranslatable Japanese word = "Zanshin"

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