Jan. 9, 2022

Evan Burkosky: Digital Transformation Evangelist

Evan Burkosky: Digital Transformation Evangelist

This episode is an entertaining and simulating conversation with a  forward-thinking, self-described "Evangelist" for for Digital Transformation in Japan, Mr. Evan Berkosky.  Before you decide to tune-out because "Digital Transformation" sounds unexciting,  Hold On!  Evan makes this topic both insightful and relevant and shares his ideas on how he would initiate quick wins to transform Japan digital landscape if he were to hypothetically, be appointed to the newly created  "Japan Digital Agency".  What's more entertaining than listening to foreigners give their opinion on how to improve Japan?  In this case however, Evan truly knows his area of expertise. We also discuss his early challenges in Japan, starting a successful English school, and how this led to the establishment of a premiere boutique digital marketing agency. He explains how  current media monitoring,  influencer marketing, and media engagement are vital to every organization, and finally challenges me as to why he should buy a Japanese branded knife from a German knife company. Other topics we discuss:

  • Historically,  disruptions have created a culture of  "uncertainty avoidance" in Japan
  • Why he is so passionate about digital transformation in Japan
  • The scaleability challenge of creating a chain of English schools
  • Why Japan, well-known for high tech industries are not leaders in digitalization
  • What two major initiatives he would implement if he were the head of the Japan Digital Agency
  • How the traditional Hanko system has slowed business in Japan during the pandemic
  • Being a bi-cultural "shock-absorber" explained
  • The positive trends propelling Japan's A.I. technology adoption 
  • The future role of  social "Influencers" and how they will change 
  • How brands can save time and make money from social media monitoring
  • Favorite Japanese word w/o an exact English translation

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