Dec. 19, 2022

Joseph Delmastro: Author "Cultured Gaijin"

Joseph Delmastro: Author
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This episode I speak with Joseph Delmastro, the author of Cultured Gaijin.   It’s a unique book set in 1970s Japan about what happens when Joseph, an airman stationed in Tokyo, breaks free from expectations and fully embraces Japan’s traditional way of living and loving.  However it’s much more than just a memoir, it’s also a travelog, a cultural and Japanese language reference guide, and it’s also a love story in more ways than one. You will hear all about the motivation behind writing his first novel, what made the details authentic, how the many colorful characters changed his life forever, and why there may be a second book or even a series in the works, this time focused on the 1980’s and 90’s. Finally Joseph offers free copies of his book to the first five listeners to contact him after listening to this episode. Contact details are at the end of the podcast and also in the show notes below. Other topics we discuss:

  • How writing comments on a Youtube video led to writing his first book
  • The life changing influence of climbing Mt. Fuji on his very 1st day in Japan in 1977
  • The meaning behind the title “Cultured Gaijin”
  • Explaining the Japanese concept of “Amae” (Dependence) and referencing two classic Japanese culture books every foreigner should read
  • Highlighting Japanese culture through his own experiences in the late 1970”s
  • Japanese hospitality has changed in the past 45 years
  • How friends letters from over 38 years ago helped in many details of the book
  • “A price will always have to be paid for the privilege of enjoying Japanese culture”
  • A few favorite untranslatable Japanese words

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