Aug. 11, 2022

Masako Yamamura: Hospitality and Retail Training Professional

Masako Yamamura: Hospitality and Retail Training Professional
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This updated and re-released episode we get into Hospitality and Retail with professional sales and leadership trainer Masako Yamamura.  We discuss Omotenashi possibly leading to world peace,  Bartenders are the most fun hospitality people, Commissions and culturally why Japanese avoid the system , Fortune-tellers, and the numerous differences and similarities between the retail and hospitality industries in Japan.  Other highlights from our conversation:

  • What the hospitality industry could learn from the retail industry
  • Her definition of "Omotenashi" and why she hated the Olympic O-MO-TE-NA-SHI presentation
  • Using hospitality concepts in retail can differentiate your brand from competition
  • Why a 5-star hotel experience in Japan is not as positive vs. overseas
  • Why Japanese "Just In Case" mentality holds back true hospitality
  • Least popular jobs for todays Japanese youth
  • Her pessimism regarding the future of Japan
  • A story about a fortune-teller's shocking but reaffirming message

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