Feb. 7, 2020

Michael Howard: "The Salaryman" Author

Michael Howard:
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Michael Howard is the author of the "The Salaryman".  A humorous, manga-illustrated memoir from an American who tried and failed (?) to fit into Japanese office culture for almost a decade. We discuss some of the back stories from his book and analyze the reasons Japanese salaryman culture is the way it is. He is a great writer and a good story-teller as well. Together we fall into the U.S.-Japan business culture gap over beers (and margaritas) at Hacienda in Daikanyama. Some other highlights from our conversation:

  • How he became such a talented and entertaining writer
  • Why he kept a secret blog before writing "The Salaryman"
  • Learning that one of his bosses was . . .  "Connected"
  • The positives of working at Japanese companies
  • What happens when I accidentally spill a beer on his book
  • Explains the ease & profitability of KDP self publishing 
  • Teases a potential second book and it's scandalous main story (11:00) 
  • The torture of Japanese "meeting" culture
  • What is "Manner Mode"
  • The Onsen and the Hospital stories
  • Would he ever work for a Japanese company again?

gugu Sleep Company https://gugu.jp
The Salaryman https://www.amazon.co.jp/Salaryman
Also available Direct: http://www.thesalarymanbook.com
Contact Michael: michael@thesalarymanbook.com