June 7, 2020

Paul Willis: Omotenashi Consultant

Paul Willis: Omotenashi Consultant
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This "remote "episode I sit down with Omotenashi Consultant Paul Willis. Didn't know this was an actual job? Neither did I, which is why I was very interested to speak with Paul. "Omotenashi" has become a buzz word in Japan and internationally ever since Tokyo was selected to host the 2020 Olympics, and is the cornerstone of why Japanese hospitality is considered the best in the world. Paul has extensively researched Omotenashi, the background, culturally where it derives from, and has constructed a "schematic" in which he breaks down six components behind Omotenashi. Usually these details are reserved for his seminars, but luckily in this episode, he shares his findings along with numerous examples and stories. Other topics we discuss: 

  • What led him to become an Omotenashi Consultant
  • The role "consistency" plays in Omotenashi
  • How Western hospitality often requires the guest to initiate the process of getting good service
  • His Omotenashi "research" in Kyoto
  • His most disappointing Japan "service" experience in Japan
  • The dark side of Kodawari (attention to detail)
  • Explain how he "sells" his Omotenashi service to organizations
  • The future of Digital Omotenashi
  • His greatest success story and proudest accomplishment

gugu Sleep Company: https://gugu.jp
Omotenashi-CX Customer Experience Consultancy: https://omotenashi-cx.com
Paul Willis: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulwillis888/