March 20, 2020

Ruth Jarman: Japan Internationalization Pioneer

Ruth Jarman: Japan Internationalization Pioneer
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Get ready for 32-year Japan entrepreneur Ruth Jarman. She is the founder of Jarman International, a company assisting Japanese destinations and organizations connect with foreign visitors through customized marketing, curated business strategies, and training programs to help them grow and globalize. Or as Ruth likes to say "helping Japan ease into the international age". She is full of infectious energy and passion, and has a lot of great stories. Together we share many laughs, unique insights, and of course a couple beers at The Rigoletto in Shibuya. Other highlights from our conversation:

  • How a Japanese superhero TV program first got her into Japanese
  • Japan as a destination is bursting with "content"
  • Japanese as hosts, need to understand that foreigners (guests) are probably nervous with interactions, and not the other way around
  • Why she promotes destinations which are very diverse and distant from each other
  • Discovering the hidden jewels of Kobayashi City which convinced her to represent them
  • Amazing story of Japanese Caviar 
  • How she creates top-of-mind awareness for her destinations with inbound tourists
  • Japanese denim is a good example of Japanese cultural modesty
  • Discuss "High-Context" communication styles

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Kobayashi City
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The Rigoletto Shibuya https://rigoletto/shibuya