March 30, 2020

Ruth Jarman's Top 3 Japanese Cultural Traits

Ruth Jarman's Top 3 Japanese Cultural Traits
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This episode is a follow-up with 32-year Japan entrepreneur Ruth Jarman. She is the founder of Jarman International, and the author of six books in Japanese. We focus on two of her books: "33 Reasons Japanese should be Proud" and "39 Reasons Japanese are Great" and discuss some of these reasons including her Top 3.  We dive into some cultural analysis complete with personal experience and stories. She is full of infectious energy and passion and together we share many laughs, unique insights, and of course a couple beers at The Rigoletto in Shibuya. Other highlights from our conversation:

  • Japanese are comfortable in being "under the wire" or "avoiding the limelight"
  • "Taking it to a higher level" or "Give one's All" is ingrained into Japanese psyche 
  • How attracting foreigners is one part of the Japanese government's revitalization strategy for rural Japan
  • Why Japanese maintain an extreme focus on the "long-term view" of everything
  • Her greatest accomplishment in her 32-years in Japan
  • The fundamental Japanese concept of always "Being Wached"
  • Did you know that in 2018, 45% of all 20 year-olds in Shinjyuku ward were non-Japanese?
  • We both share our "themes" for 2020 and a couple of Japanese puns

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Jarman International
Ruth Jarman
All Ruth's books at Amazon ルース・ジャーマン
The Rigoletto Shibuya https://rigoletto/shibuya