Aug. 24, 2022

Sean Nichols: Japan Entertainment industry insider & Ultraman actor

Sean Nichols: Japan Entertainment industry insider & Ultraman actor

Sean Nichols has been an entertainer on Japanese TV,  a Manzai stand-up comedian, the global representative for Japan's biggest YouTuber,  went on tour with Aerosmith, but is most famous for his starring role in the Ultraman series - the only foreigner to ever appear in the 40 year history of the franchise. This episode he discusses the dream journey from watching Ultraman on TV as a child, to becoming "Sean White" for 50 episodes. Sean talks about the Japanese entertainment industry from starting his own talent agency to losing out in the final round of a stand-up competition due to one off-color joke, and taking the biggest risk of his professional career led to going on tour with Aerosmith. Other topics of discussion:

  • The top 3 things Japanese always find humorous 
  • His autograph seeking demographic ranges for 5 to 65 years old
  • From actor to international representative for Ultraman
  • How auditions and talent agencies work in Japan
  • Best explanation of what is a “Tarento” 
  • Representing the most famous Japanese Youtuber Hikakin and getting him on stage with Aerosmith
  • Backstage Stories with Steven Tyler and the band
  • How humor in Japan is different from western humor
  • Japanese comedy-style Manzai explained 
  • 3 tips for foreigners interested in getting into the Japan entertainment industry
  • Advice on how to be funny in Japanese
  • Favorite untranslatable Japanese word

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