April 21, 2020

Brett Bull: Scandalous News Reporter

Brett Bull: Scandalous News Reporter
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Get the low-down on all things subculture in Japan with Mr. Brett Bull. Brett is the founder of Tokyo Reporter, an English language website focused on salacious and scandalous news from Japan. It's not all cherry blossoms and sushi, get the background on why and how he started Tokyo Reporter and many other stories from the underbelly of Japan. We share craft beers at Ivy Place in Daikanyama. Other topics we get into: 

  • How he originally got started reporting Japanese scandalous stories even before Tokyo Reporter (TR)
  • Discuss ideas how to monetize his site
  • There is a template in Japanese for every crime news story
  • Comments on the TR Facebook page is where all best interaction takes place
  • Explains the legal loop-holes regarding "girls bars" 
  • The real reason behind the "No Dancing" laws in Japan
  • His end-game (goal) in operating the TR website
  • Why he doesn't want to have 1million unique readers
  • The one topic he would love to focus on if he had free access to cover anything
  • Avoiding meiwaku (causing trouble to others) is very strong in Japan, but so is the concept of "shoganai" (it can't be helped) and how this applies to Right Wingers

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Tokyo Reporter site: https://www.tokyoreporter.com
Tokyo Reporter Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thetokyoreporter/