May 8, 2021

Jeff Crawford: Digital Marketing Expert & SEO advise for you!

Jeff Crawford: Digital Marketing Expert & SEO advise for you!
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Jeff Crawford is the president of Zo Digital, a bi-lingual digital marketing agency he founded over seven years ago. He describes many of the mistakes foreign companies make when setting up their web presence in Japan and explains how to remedy these issues. What hidden gems can be discovered in your site analytics to improve  eCom sales. Why Japanese sites are often so busy and loud. Simple and practical advise on how to increase traffic and improve conversion rates through "Authoritativeness" and "Trustworthiness". This might sound a bit technical but Jeff explains it all in a very easy to understand style. I guarantee you will become more digital marketing savvy after listening to Jeff's stories and advise. Other topics we discuss:

  • The biggest mistakes foreign firms make when launching web sites in Japan
  • What is a "YMYL" site (Your Money or Your Life)
  • How Google ranks and evaluates websites
  • Simple methods to increase your site's E.A.T. (E = Expertise)
  • Isn't "User Experience" subjective?
  • The best and worst way to create web "content"
  • Google voice search SEO is coming
  • The most important web site page for Japanese (26:23)
  • Key Word research and how to master the nuance
  • What many Japanese think about the typical western website 
  • How much companies should invest in SEO as a % of sales
  • How does understanding analytics specifically improve ones business (29:34)
  • The Free Unsolicited Business Idea

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