March 21, 2021

Katheryn Gronauer: Helping Foreigners Thrive in Japan

Katheryn Gronauer: Helping Foreigners Thrive in Japan

Katheryn Gronauer is the founder of Thrive Tokyo.  She is a cross-cultural trainer and business coaching entrepreneur based in Tokyo.   We speak about the most common cultural frustrations newcomers to Japan face and how she helps them overcome these challenges.  As a young entrepreneur, discuss self-branding and how she markets her services, how her early start in health coaching led to the beginnings for Thrive Tokyo, an in-depth analysis of Japanese communication styles and why this topic is often the biggest mystery for foreigners in Japan, and the "Oh crap" moment and results, when she landed her first big corporate client. Other topics we cover:

  • How to balance "localizing" oneself vs. keeping true to your own style
  • Discovering many cultural issues are similar and predictable
  • Most effective methods for marketing herself
  • Using her youth and upbringing as a competitive advantage
  • Cultural struggles vs. emotional struggles for foreigners in Japan
  • Explains her new membership program called the "Accelerator"
  • Dives into some unique Japanese cultural values
  • Not one but two, "Free Unsolicited Business Ideas"

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