Jan. 6, 2021

Matthias Sutter: Luxury Hotel GM & Hospitality Leader

Matthias Sutter: Luxury Hotel GM & Hospitality Leader
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Welcome a true Hospitality Professional to the podcast. Mr. Matthias Sutter, the Rep. Director of Shangri-La Hotels Japan and the GM of the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo.  We discuss Japanese customer service, how different nationalities have different hospitality expectations, his two requirements for anyone to succeed in the hotel business, and how starting off in Food & Beverage helped craft his strong sense of hospitality.  We also talk Trip Advisor, hotel rankings, and the guest comments he likes the most.  If you are curious about how luxury hotel GM's think, practice, and teach customer service and hospitality, this episode is a must-listen. Other topics we cover:

  • Why hotels are an "El Dorado" for customer service
  • The three topics to never discuss with hotel guests
  • Different cultures have different interpretations of hospitality
  • Japanese service vs. other Asian countries
  • Preparations for the Shangri-La Kyoto opening
  • Guest comments which led to innovative and successful promotions
  • Hotel "brands" have separate DNA, thus some customer focus differences   
  • Japanese "guest comment" tendencies
  • The Free Unsolicited Business Idea   

The Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo: https://www.shangri-la.com/tokyo/shangrila/

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Japan Adventures via Camper Van = Dream Drive: https://www.dreamdrive.life

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