March 9, 2020

Timothy Connor: Customer-Centric thinking Visionary

Timothy Connor: Customer-Centric thinking Visionary
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Timothy Connor, is a successful, long-term Japan resident. we discuss in-depth, retail in Japan and how his business Synnovate, specifically his new concept "Responsive" is helping companies adopt a more customer-centric focus through improved customer experience. Timothy believes the future of retail is the customer as the point of sale.  It's more than just a discussion about buzz-words, please join in on this innovative customer approach conversation at Shibuya's TGI Friday's. Some highlights include: 

  • Explains the concept behind "The Customer as a Point of Sale"
  • What makes the Japanese consumer "unique"
  • "Don't game the system, work the system"
  • Explains his new customer-centric service "Responsive"
  • Why cooking demos don't work at factory outlet shops
  • His definition of Omotenashi - "Invisible Service"
  • Debate the effectiveness of retail Net Promoter Score
  • What is the customer experience "Secret sauce"
  • Andrew introduces some of Zwilling Japan's new customer-centric initiatives
  • How "Image" rather than potential profits got the old Tokyo Classifieds (now Metropolis magazine) into the Tokyo subway kiosks

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Timothy Connor: