May 21, 2020

Alex Bradshaw: Kagoshima Ambassador for Award-Winning SENGAN-EN

Alex Bradshaw: Kagoshima Ambassador for Award-Winning SENGAN-EN
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Alex Bradshaw is the ultimate Kagoshima spokesperson. It's rare to meet a foreigner so personally invested in any specific region of Japan. His knowledge of history, traditions, and the ability to weave these stories into a tourism proposition is amazing! He is currently Head of Overseas Business for the award-winning, World Heritage site Sengan-en and an advisor to the Government of Kagoshima. How he manages these two roles make up the crux of our interesting conversation. If you have never visited Kagoshima before, you will definitely want to after listening to Alex! You're  guaranteed to hear a couple new thought-provoking perspectives on Japanese culture. We chat and share craft beers at Yona Yona Beerworks in Ebisu. Other topics we discuss: 

  • Culturally, "Added-Value" is Japanese tourism USP
  • Interesting backstory on Kiriko glassware
  • How his current role was meant to be a kind of "wrecking ball"
  • Introduces a hidden gem of travel destinations
  • Why there are so many garish signs at tourism sites and his improvement advise
  • Fascinating history lesson about Satsuma (Kagoshima)
  • How Japan sells itself on "Mystery"
  • Discuss Japanese artistic Bokashi and corporate Nemawashi 
  • What he would implement to improve tourism, if he were in charge of the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Agency)
  • Winning Best Attraction at the World Tourism Awards
  • Interesting facts about the Kagoshima drinking culture

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