March 10, 2022

David Clement: Corporate entrepreneur. Stories from 22 years of selling in Japan

David Clement: Corporate entrepreneur. Stories from 22 years of selling in Japan
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I thought it might be a challenge to interview my old friend David Clement. After-all we both grew up in the same small town and have known each other in Japan for over 20 years. However, his wisdom, Japan insight, and most of all, his entertaining stories make this a very fascinating episode.  22 years in B2B sales working with the biggest names in Japan and now the country manager for a "perfect start-up" in Japan. How does one make this big transition? David shares three riveting stories on leadership quirks,  negotiating, and my favorite, the hoops and hurdles he overcame to the seal the deal with with the famous Den Fujita the president of McDonalds Japan early in his career.  Additional highlights from our conversation:

  • Debate the English definition of Nemawashi
  • Why he describes himself as a "corporate entrepreneur"
  • The challenges foreigners faces working for a Japanese company and "inventing ones position"
  • David's Dale Carnegie vs. Kaizen theory
  • Creating your own Gravity for success in Japan
  • EdgeCast's business explained to a 5 year old
  • What is an Embarrassment of Pandas ?
  • "Leadership comes from taking responsibility or the opportunity to lose face the Japanese don't want"
  • Pro and Cons of relationship building and networking in the pandemic era
  • Why Kaizen is the enemy of dynamic change 
  • Two favorite  untranslatable Japanese words


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