Jan. 6, 2020

David Sweet: Japan Entrepreneur & Sales Superstar

David Sweet:  Japan Entrepreneur & Sales Superstar
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This episode I share IPA's with Dr. David Sweet.  David is 20-year Japan resident, a sales superstar, best selling author, serial entrepreneur, certified business coach, and one of the best recruiters I know in Japan.  We are at the Oak Door, located in the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi.  In this part one of two episodes, we share entertaining stories about business life in Japan. Some highlights include:

  • Pearls of wisdom from his book "Sweet Sales" (over 20k copies sold)
  • Examples of emotional selling vs. technical selling
  • His least favorite Japanese word, and why
  • Exposes the biggest interviewing mistakes foreigners make in Japan
  • Debate which IPAs to order and where to find the best Cuban sandwich
  • A salespersons ultimate response to "That's Expensive!"
  • Why "Listening" might be the most important aspect of selling
  • Explains the differences between "Great" vs. "Good" recruiters
  • A story about being over/under dressed in business
  • The best reply to receiving a compliment (It's not just 'thank you') 
  • Three buying criteria for every customer
  • Why he thinks business in Japan is easier for foreigners
  • "Invisible Selling" and why it was almost the title for his book

This episode is sponsored by the gugu sleep company http://gugu.jp
David Sweet: http://drdavidsweet.com
Sweet Sales: http://www.drdavidsweet.com/shop/sweet-success