April 7, 2020

David Sweet quotes Dr. Seuss & what makes a great sales person

David Sweet quotes Dr. Seuss & what makes a great sales person
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This episode I continue my discussion and sharing of IPA's with Dr. David Sweet. David is 20-year Japan resident, a sales superstar, best selling author, serial entrepreneur, certified business coach, and one of the best recruiters I know in Japan. We are at the Oak Door, located in the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi.  In this part 2 of 2 episodes, we share entertaining stories about business life in Japan. Some highlights include:

  • Discuss his 33 recommended books every sales person should read
  • Explains why the Dr. Seuss book "Green Eggs & Ham" is the best sales book ever
  • Debate the sunniest state in the US and discuss the movie Blazing Saddles
  • Why 'motivational' books are just as important reads as sales books
  • Using a racial epithet led David to believe his great great grandfather was Japanese
  • Exchange our top 3 qualities which make a great sales person
  • Recall our childhood days of "Show & Tell" with a couple of personal stories
  • Talk a little about his passion for running
  • Why he distrusts charities but explains why he supports the charity YouMeWe

This episode is sponsored by the gugu sleep company http://gugu.jp
David Sweet: http://drdavidsweet.com
Sweet Sales: http://www.drdavidsweet.com/shop/sweet-success
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