April 23, 2023

Loic Bizel: Japan Fashion Trends Expert / Founder of "Leo & Lea"

Loic Bizel: Japan Fashion Trends Expert / Founder of
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This episode we discuss fashion in Japan and premium dog food. Not two topics often mentioned in the same sentence, but very related to today's guest Mr. Loic Bizel. Loic started his own fashion consulting business in Tokyo nearly 30 years ago and runs two very successful fashion related websites (see links in the notes below). He was one of the co-founders of the fashion "flash sales" site Gladd.jp in 2009. He's referred to as a "Trendspotter" and "Cool Hunter" by the media and is considered one of the utmost foreign experts on Japanese fashion trends. In 2017 he started a new DTC business focused on premium dog food. Using his experience in eCommerce, spotting new "trends", and understanding the Japanese psyche, "Leo & Lea" specializes in a growing niche for organic pet food with a unique customer experience. This is another insightful and fun listening episode. Other topics we cover:

  • Fashion in Japan is about being part of a community
  • Why Japanese prefer to spend on fashion over home improvement
  • How fashion trends start in Japan
  • The role and importance of "Select Shops"
  • How the Japanese fashion market has changed in the past 30 years
  • The Moncler story of how puffer jackets went from niche to BOOM in Japan
  • Defining Fashionable vs. Trendy
  • Why Tokyo is the best fashion capital in the world
  • Dogs in Japan are treated as family members
  • Why Japanese are happy to pay a premium for organic dog food
  • In Japan you are not a pet "owner" you are referred to as a pet "parent"
  • Favorite Japanese word (Shoganai)

Loic Bizel: https://lebiz-consulting.com
Fashion In Japan:https://fashioninjapan.com
Leo & Lea Premium Dog Food: https://leoandlea.com
Japan Adventures via Camper Van = Dream Drive: https://www.dreamdrive.life

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