Dec. 10, 2021

Mats Lindstrom: Ducati Motorcycles President Japan

Mats Lindstrom: Ducati Motorcycles President Japan

It's time to get your motor running and head out to the highway. This episode I speak with the president of Ducati Japan Mr. Mats Lindstrom.  You do not need to be a "bike guy" or a "gear-head" to enjoy this conversation with Mats. We chat about "Empowerment" in Japan, his unique strategy and reasons for conducting management meetings in English, and his biggest takeaways from days at IKEA when he arrived in Japan to  set up the first stores in 2005. Of course we also talk about the bike business, specifically how he differentiates Ducati from the established domestic brands, why Ducati owners are known for their loyalty and passion, and he shares success stories from  the Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) program he initiated earlier this year. Recorded at the Oak Door,  Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Other topics we discuss:

  • Biker camaraderie and how it differs in Japan
  • What sets Ducati apart from the established Japanese competition
  • Becoming a “bike guy” from the age of 3
  • “People buy for what you help them become”
  • Who is a Ducati “type” and from which profession are many Ducati owners
  • Is Ikigai really a Japanese concept
  • Lessons learned starting up IKEA in Japan
  • Most unique characteristic of Japanese consumers
  • Ensuring a consistent level of service and hospitality with over 40 dealers
  • The Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) explained
  • Favorite untranslatable Japanese word
  • The “communication” between a Ducati bike and its owner 

Ducati Japan:
Ducati Riding / Racing Experience:

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