Nov. 22, 2020

Seth Sulkin: Gourmet Food Delivery & Hotel Development Entrepreneur

Seth Sulkin: Gourmet Food Delivery & Hotel Development Entrepreneur
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This episode I sit down with Japan veteran and savvy businessman Seth Sulkin. He is the founder of Pacifica Capital an international hotel developer and operator. He has also recently become a disruptor in the restaurant food delivery business with the launch of his new gourmet restaurant food delivery app Food-e. In this episode we learn all about this booming industry, why before Food-e high-end restaurants couldn't or wouldn't join delivery apps, and the innovations which convinced these reputable restaurants to sign on. As Seth states, "It's the quickest sell I've done in 35 years of doing business in Japan".  We also discuss developing hotels in Japan and the importance of overseeing all customer touch-points and the Instagram angle.  Other topics we cover:

  • What led to the inception of Food-e
  • The inside stories of food delivery apps and restaurant economics
  • The problems with current food delivery apps and how Food-e solves them
  • How Seth was able to convince high-end restaurants to join Food-e
  • My crazy ideas on how to improve the Food-e experience
  • Why Pacifica Capital only develops International Hotels
  • The reason why "chairs" are so important 
  • Unique ideas for instagram-able breakfasts
  • Favorite Japanese word (Okamochi)

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