Jan. 21, 2021

Taro Asano: Traditional Japanese Sword Craftsman

Taro Asano: Traditional Japanese Sword Craftsman
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Dive into the world of traditional Japanese sword making with craftsman Taro Asano. He is one of only a handful of practicing "Kajiya" (a person who forges Japanese swords / Katana) still in Japan. He also offers a workshop in English where people come to make their own custom-forged "Samurai knife". It's a unique once in a lifetime experience. We discuss all things Katana, how he became a Kajiya, his future plans - which include taking on a 20-year old American apprentice and creating a You-Tube channel to chronicle their adventures, and why Japanese sword/ blacksmithing  is more popular with foreigners than with Japanese. Other topics we cover:

  • How long and what it takes to become a Kajiya
  • His thoughts on the Master - Apprentice relationship
  • Insight on forging steel and the processes he employs
  • Learn why 70% of his workshop participants come from the same field
  • The rules and etiquette around handling a Japanese Katana  
  • Why he makes kitchen knives in addition to swords
  • Is the myth you have to register your Katana with the police true?
  • Plans for his 20-year old American apprentice
  • The Free Unsolicited Business Idea   

Asano Kajiya: http://asanokajiya.com/en
Asanokajiya Studio (You Tube): https://www.youtube.com/channel/

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Japan Adventures via Camper Van = Dream Drive: https://www.dreamdrive.life

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